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If you are looking for premium sports watches that fall in the category of smartwatches too, then go for Garmin smartwatches! These watches are successfully delivering the best of both worlds which are being an amazing sports watch for that sports touch with all the features that a smartwatch comes with.

Garmin - Premium yet Rugged Smartwatches


The design of this premium yet rugged smartwatch is all that you need as a sports lover. Its design is modest and doesn't scream that it is a 'sports watch', but it is definitely packed with an impressive array of training tools like accurate GPS Tracking (which is supported by Galileo and GLONASS), gives you quick access to Garmin Coach training plans, offers sensitive and accurate heart rate monitoring, pulse, splits, and even more similar features.

This is an amazing watch that offers various indoor training modes too for the users, and easily syncs with compatible gym equipment, plus third-party fitness, and diet applications.

When we talk about other features that this smartwatch comes with, it provides onboard storage for around 650 songs, plus easily supports third-party music apps from Deezer and Amazon Music. This watch allows you to view your day's schedule briefly. With the help of inbuilt fitness trackers, you can keep a check on your heart rate, water intake, and more importantly your stress level. You can also log on to your period symptoms and receive smartphone notifications (and send replies) and do more on this.

All this has been made achievable with the help of a high-resolution AMOLED display, that has three brightness settings along with an optional always-on mode that allows the users to see a massive amount of data briefly, without digging into your smartphone all the time and a tough water-resistant design to protect it from the unwanted splashes. Garmin is a superb all-purpose smartwatch that we highly recommend to you.

Popular Garmin Smart Watches to Look For


Garmin durable smartwatches are available in various models and have different variants. Here is the list of famous Garmin smartwatches available online in Australia. And here’s your chance to grab your favourite one at a discounted price too –

Garmin Smartwatch Perfect Combination of Style, Adventure, and Features


If you are looking for a perfect blend of sports features, and also other smartwatch features all together in one watch, then you are going to love the Garmin Smartwatches for sure. These Watches are perfect for all outdoor activities to keep your sports mode always on.

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