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Buy Best Budget Phones online in Australia - BuyMobile


The budget smartphone segment accounts for a major portion of the Australian smartphone market. This is also one of the most crowded markets and every month one or the other company comes up with a new phone that falls between AUD 150 and AUD 350. The segment is crowded with too many options which might confuse you.
If you’re shopping for a new phone on a budget, we’ve got good news: there are more brilliant, affordable phones on the market than ever before. Companies such as Apple, Google, and Samsung are bringing the wealth of features found in their flagship phones to lower-cost models. Other companies, such as OnePlus, are also developing low-cost devices that can compete with more popular brands.

Budget smartphones with 5G support: Innovation meets Affordability

5G is still a relatively new technology but we're already seeing more affordable smartphones that support these new super-fast data speeds. Here are some of the latest 5G budget phones:

  • Samsung Galaxy A42: It boasts a clean and striking design with some eye-catchy finishes. It packs in 5G, a Super AMOLED, a kryo 570 Chipset, and Android 10 falling in the best budget Samsung phones.
  • OnePlus Nord N10 5G: OnePlus Nord is an outstanding affordable buy with great performance, 5G, OnePlus' signature Oxygen OS user experience and a more diverse camera setup than the company has ever used on a phone.

In addition to this, other budget phones such as Google Pixel 4a, LG K42, OPPO AX5  are also great alternatives. We, at BuyMobile, want our customers to find the best phone for themselves. So, whether you are looking for a budget phone, or after the latest and greatest, we can help you.

Popular Budget Smartphone Brands


Whether you’re a gaming enthusiast or just looking for your phone to last more than a day on a single charge, there is something for everyone. You can find multiple affordable Android phones, Samsung products, Oppo phones, or budget Apple iPhone, and more based on your requirements.

We have seen that a few years back, the budget phone segment was majorly dominated by Samsung phones, but now we have great smartphones from brands like OnePlus, Oppo, Nokia, and even Apple. These best deals budget smartphones offer a good overall user experience with a solid build, great battery life, a powerful display that is good for day-to-day usage, and an improved camera at very reasonable prices.

Choosing BuyMobile to Purchase Budget Smartphones in Australia


If you are scouring the smartphone market in Australia for the latest budget phones, BuyMobile offers a wide selection to choose from. The best deal budget smartphones have grown and improved over time and can also take on more expensive smartphones with relative ease. We can see that the top and latest budget phones also now offer high refresh rate displays, high-resolution multi-camera setups, good designs, and hassle-free software. So, we have compiled a list of the best budget smartphones for 2021 from a variety of brands.

Our list of the best and latest budget smartphones includes the best possible choices for buyers looking for a low-cost smartphone that won't break the bank. In terms of specifications, functionality, and build quality, these pocket-friendly phones offer great value. Many budget smartphones are recommended because they offer a plethora of compelling features and specs that can compete with even mid-to-high-end phones.

However, when you are looking for inexpensive phones, It's hard to get a sense of how a cheaper phone will act in the long term when you use it in a store for five minutes, so make sure that you read reviews online. If you have any questions, get in touch with us so that our customer team can help answer any questions you might have.
Browse through the entire collection, take a look at our fantastic offers across the website, and make your choice. We love phones as much as you do and are committed to offering you the best service and deals.