iPhone 15 Series Confirmed Upgrades - This year's upgrades are crazy


Other smartphone brands believe in launching devices two or even three times a year but Apple is relatively rigid as they usually launch a series of new iPhones per year and that too in the September slot. This makes the hype for the new device as in the course of 1 year brand has the ample time to innovate and launch a product that can last many years in the future time. In 2022 iPhone 14 pro models were quite a hit all because of the new Apple chipset, dynamic island and a 48MP camera sensor but on the other hand non pro models weren’t able to cast their magic as people believed the iPhone 13 would still be a better choice than iPhone 14. But this year's story will change as the non-pro model will get a facelift which includes the arrival of the dynamic Island and A16 Bionic chipset in the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus. Let's dive into what the iPhone 15 series has to offer and whether will it be the right decision to upgrade from any iPhone 14 model to its respective upgraded iPhone 15 Model.

What’s new in the starter - iPhone 15 upgrades details

The most selling iPhone of every series is the base non-pro model as it offers the most value for money to the Apple fan base. Last year as we knew the difference between iPhone 13 and iPhone 14 wasn’t able to impress iPhone buyers thus the majority of people stayed with iPhone 13 as it made more sense to go for 13 instead of the newly launched 14, but now the story will change. Last year apple decided to create a distinction between their pro and non-pro model by providing A16 bionic chipset with iPhone 14 pro and 14 pro max and they introduced iPhone 14 with the same bionic A15 chipset with minor GPU bumps. But this year iPhone 15 non-pro model will feature the A16 Bionic chipset which will definitely attract the existing iPhone non-pro users to upgrade.

Apart from the new and powerful A16 bionic chipset Apple will introduce the dynamic island to their non-pro models which means the new generation iPhone will not include the not so loved notch. As per the design is concerned Apple is focusing on making the non-pro model more premium by replacing the glossy back with a matte finish back which will be a major change in design but the camera placement will be similar to the previous iPhone and from front dynamic island display will add a new look.

Now let’s talk about what new might be added to the iPhone 15 non-pro models, first, apple might increase the battery capacity which will improve the battery life by 18 per cent, many leaks suggest that the 48 MP primary sensor will get a feature in the new iPhone which will gradually increase the details in iPhone 15 camera output. But still, the new upcoming iPhone 15 will miss these most awaited features that are confirmed by many sources on the Internet. The most expected feature is the higher refresh rate display as iPhone provides 60 hz in non-pro models, with no space for the third telephoto lens in non-pro models and a lidar sensor on the back.

Apple iPhone 15 Plus - Apple’s bigger-size iPhone approach continues

From iPhone 14, Apple discontinued the mini version as iPhone mini versions weren’t able to cast a huge impact on Apple iPhone's overall sales. Due to this Apple understood that instead of launching a mini iPhone they could focus on providing a non-pro model with a bigger display. Last year iPhone 14 plus created a lot of buzz as people loved the bigger iPhone listed at a much more affordable price as Pro Max models are the most expensive ones in the line-up. There is one more benefit of a bigger smartphone it comes with a high-capacity battery.

This year Apple will launch the iPhone 15 Plus which will share the same spec sheet with iPhone 15 but the display and battery size between the two will differ. There will be many upgrades with iPhone 15 Plus, first, let’s talk about the design department from the back Apple will use a matte back design instead of a glossy glass back and from the front dynamic display will be there to grab the attention. For the performance department, it will feature the same iPhone 15’s A16 Bionic powerful chipset. The collaboration of an A16 Bionic chip, 60hz display and bigger 4323 mAh battery will make the iPhone 15 Plus the most efficient iPhone in the lineup.

Apple iPhone 15 Pro marking broader distinction from non-pro models

Apple Pro models are made for those who do not like to compromise in any aspect of their usage. Apple iPhone 15 Pro has some fair upgrades which make it worth looking for. Apple will be reusing the same design again with a powerful new chipset along with other internal improvements. Here are some confirmed updates that iPhone 15 Pro will get.

Better Build quality with iPhone 15 Pro models

Apple will be following the same design language for their iPhone 15 Pro but still, there are some note-worthy changes. The first and foremost change is Apple will be making the iPhone 15 Pro frame and chassis from titanium instead of stainless steel which will make the iPhone 15 Pro lighter and more stronger than ever. Earlier Apple was going to introduce haptic buttons instead of physical volume buttons but due to some production issues, it got cancelled but one thing is confirmed the iPhone 15 pro models will feature an action button instead of a mute switch which we can customize the way we want to use it. The overall dimensions and camera module placement is exactly the same in iPhone 15 Pro the only change at the bottom is the arrival of a USB type c port.

3Nm chipset for the first time in the smartphone industry

This year there will be no competition between Android smartphones and iPhones from the performance point of view as the iPhone Pro model will feature the A17 bionic chipset which is based on 3nm technology. This new A17 chipset will make the performance bar too high for Android chipset as the upcoming Snapdragon 8 gen 3 chipset will be based on 4nm which will lack way behind the new Apple 3nm chipsets. If we consider leaks, there will be a spike of 35% in performance which is quite a big number in the smartphone industry. Even the geek bench score of the A17 bionic chip got leaked which reached up to 8000 which is a crazy number for a smartphone chipset. iPhone 15 Pro will break all the performance barriers without compromising with efficiency.

Camera improvement in iPhone 15 Pro

The camera module with the iPhone 15 Pro will remain the same as it will offer the same triple camera sensors - 48MP Main, 12MP Ultra Wide and 12MP 2x Telephoto lens but all three sensors will adopt a new stacked CIS design which will help the camera sensor to capture more light resulting in better stability and low light performance. The arrival of the A17 bionic chipset will also improve the image processing and there are many speculations about the lidar sensor enhancement.

Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max - Taking bigger size and performance seriously

Generally, the difference between the Pro and Pro Max models is just the size of the two devices. But this year with iPhone 15 series, Apple has marked some distinction between the two by adding some pro max specific specifications to the iPhone 15 Pro Max. This year many leaks suggest that iPhone 15 Pro Max can be named as iPhone 15 Ultra as there are some unique features in the 15 Pro Max which makes it stand apart from the normal Pro Max version. One noticeable change in iPhone 15 Pro Max is the arrival of 6x Optical zoom in a periscope lens which will increase the zoom capacity of the iPhone 15 Pro Max. There will be an increase in performance as well as Apple may launch the iPhone 14 Pro max with 8Gb of ram which can collaborate with powerful A17 chipset to provide enhanced multi-tasking. iPhone 15 Pro Max will feature the same Super Retina XDR display 6.7‑inch all‑screen OLED display with the same resolution but the new thing in the display will be fewer bezels around the corner and a peak brightness of 2500 nits which was 2000 nits in the previous model.

USB type C support with iPhone 15 series

USB Type C port is confirmed in the iPhone 15 series as the dummy units showcased by many tech reviewers illustrated that all the iPhones in iPhone 15 series lineup will feature Type C ports for charging and data transferring. Some leaks also state that the data transfer speed of the Pro model via USB type c port will be comparatively faster than the non-pro models.


This year there are many noticeable differences that will force you to upgrade to the 15 line up and due to these major upgrades, these will affect the iPhone 15 series models prices significantly. The release date of iPhone 15 is expected to be in the mid-September but there are many speculations that the release date and availability of the smartphone date can be pushed to October due to some manufacturing reasons. The arrival of the Type C port in the iPhone 15 series can literally be a big step towards reduction in e-waste but Apple should not involve the mfi cables tactics to increase their profits. iPhone 15 series iPhones are worth waiting for if you are looking to buy a new iPhone we advise you to wait for the arrival of the iPhone 15. Stay tuned for the best deals on iPhone 15 series as BuyMobile Australia is known for its groundbreaking price along with additional discounts.