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Google devices that make our life easy


The Google devices offer a holistic experience to today’s generation across the globe. The information and knowledge google offer in its devices are unmatchable. Google is referred to as the encyclopaedia of modern times, capable of providing all the information regarding anything and everything.

Google is now not just a search engine but also a major player in the hardware space offering smartphones, smart home gear, laptops, fitness trackers, and gaming gear competing with big industry players like Apple, Microsoft and Amazon. It has worked in the hardware space since 2010 and has partnered with major electronics manufacturers in the production of its Google Nexus devices. Google has released multiple hardware products in 2016, including the Google Pixel line of smartphones, Google Home smart speaker, Google Wifi mesh wireless router among others.

Google devices are being launched with a range of new products with the aim to create something that serves a purpose in people’s lives. Google has always aimed to develop products that are so useful they make people wonder how they ever lived without them. The simple yet beautiful design of these google devices brings smart technology to the forefront, which provides people with a bold piece of hardware and intelligent software.

True Android smartphone experience with google pixel


With Google Pixel 6, Google has made a grand entry into smart technology devices. The Google Pixel 6 series is arguably the reinvention of the google smartphones line-up, it takes a step back with a design that feels more like original google, with the specifications that hold up to that flagship and a price that arguably makes it the best deal for a smartphone today.

The look, feel and technology of google pixel phones have been evolved with time and of course, have become more inclusive and aesthetic. The google pixel 6 phone has a more inviting and unique look, the black rails help the camera blend into the design perfectly. Also, the matte texture on the rails gives this phone more grip, making it sturdy with a friendly design. It strikes the perfect balance of build quality, speed, battery life, and camera quality at a reasonable cost.

It is a renowned fact that the Pixel 6 is the best phone Google has ever made and it is a ready supplant to the flagships from Apple and Samsung, from amongst the best phones one can buy. Between the new capabilities introduced by Android 12, the Pixel 6 is definitely a contender to become the next best phone. Android users who are longing for the best of Google's software are looking forward to the latest Pixel.

Google Smart speakers with incredible intelligence


Google speakers come in 4 specific variants: Google nest audio, Google nest mini, google nest hub and google home air. All these speakers come with specific and unique features with crisp vocals and powerful bass. Google smart speakers offer the most affordable range of products to smarten the way of living.

Google wants to provide its customers with an experience that is unique and soothing. It is organizing the world’s information with the combination of AI, software and hardware which can exclusively organise any information and help out with the things which are to be done. The Google Assistant is the best example of this, and it’s always available when, where, and however you need it. All google smart speakers comes with these features to mark on the smarter technology.

The second-generation Google Nest Hub is preciously giving its competitors a run for the money. The Google Assistant pre-installed is far better for the general information, in which Google has aggressively added support for third-party products and services for the smart home.

Make your ordinary tv a smart one with google streaming devices


Google’s Chromecast with Google TV has a reformed menu system that performs the best job of organizing content and finding suitable options. The features which are looked into in a media streaming device — including support for Dolby Vision HDR video and Dolby Atmos audio for the highest quality in pictures and sounds. One of the exclusive features of Google Chromecast a tv streaming device by google group all your recently watched shows and movies together along with your watchlist of preferred content, instead of presenting a home screen with a bunch of separate streaming services (such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and the like) making it easier and faster for us to find what we want to watch.

By incorporating Google TV (formerly the Android TV), Google is finally embracing the Chromecast as a stand-alone streamer. While the Chromecast functionality remains and works fine, it has the ability to not have to rely on any of the phones, tablets or computers for control. It is one of the huge improvements google has displayed. Setting up the Chromecast is an easy and speedy process with the Google Home app on Android as well as the iOS as there is no involvement of guide entries.

Connecting better with google routers


Google Wifi serves better value at affordable prices than most of the competition. The routers are the best combination of the robust feature set along with affordable price tags in a compact and minimalist design that looks great. The Wifi system has set the standards high especially because it’s effortless to install and set up via the mobile application.

If we are looking out for fixing the network and connectivity issues, the Google Wifi price, performance and features are the best among the range of competitors. It’s an easy choice and a great deal if one is looking forward to switching to a mesh router system.

Google has proved that good things really can come in small packages with its Nest WiFi family of mesh routers. The compact mesh units have the power to fill a home with a strong Wi-Fi signal, and even feature a built-in Google Home speaker for voice commands and playing music, giving owners the same sort of smart speakers.