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Samsung DeX Station

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Samsung DeX Station is a specially designed docking station for the Galaxy S8 and S8+ variants. As the accessory name implies, the Dex Station converts your S8 smartphones into a full blown Desktop PC. When you dock your phone into the DeX Station and connect an external monitor to the DeX, the accessory launches a complete desktop experience enabling PC like navigation and control. This essentially means that you can open apps on the big screen in separate multiple windows. You can even connect a keyboard or mouse for easy of navigation and to work just as you would do on any regular PC or laptop.

The docking station not only allows you to open all kinds of app on a bigger screen, but also simultaneously charges your Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ smartphone so you are never out of battery. A fan is provided built into the DeX so as to keep your device cool at all times even when you are using it for work or while streaming multimedia such as HD movies. The DeX Station comes with all the ports you require while computing. These include 2x USB A-Type 2.0 connectors, LAN/Ethernet port, HDMI out and a Type C USB charging port. You can use this little device to launch a virtual desktop app which mirrors your personal Desktop so that you can control it even when you are at work or away from home.

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