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Camera Accessories - Nikon MB-D16 Battery Grip

Nikon MB-D16 Battery Grip

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Nikon MB-D16 Battery Grip is a multi-power battery pack manufactured for your Nikon D Series Digital SLR namely the D750. It allows your camera to hold additional batteries so as to give you extended battery life for your photography sessions. This optional accessory is compatible with MS-D16EN battery holder (for EN-EL15 battery pack) so you can practically double your camera battery life. Especially useful when you are shooting lengthy movies or taking pics of your loved ones on a long event or when on vacation. If you do not use the battery packs, you can also run the camera with six AA batteries.

Nikon MB-D16 offers vertical grip and controls that can be easily switched on or off. This is especially useful for vertical pics and gives a real good holding grip. Buttons for shutter release, Autofocus, Auto Exposure and multi function are part of its design as well.

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