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Hori Tactical Assault Commander Type G1

  • $16995

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  • Full warranty
  • Monthly repayment option
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Hori Tactical Assault Commander Type G1 includes PC-style mouse and keypad controls specially designed for the PS4 and PS3 systems with plug and play compatibility. It offers deadly accuracy for your favourite games with its fully mechanical keypad and gaming grade optical mouse. It is ideal for both hardcore and casual games due to its revolutionary PC-style targeting for an intuitive hybrid system of control. TAC grip comes with padded wrist-strap which ensures complete comfort and ease of access to all features. The 5-Button shoulder system provides additional function buttons with other inputs to create custom hotkeys.

The gaming grade mouse offers ultra-responsive micro switches for ultimate accuracy while the cable of the TAC Gaming Mouse is angled slightly upward to avoid snags and game play interference. Moreover the mouse also features Snipe Button to instantly decrease mouse sensitivity, Quick Button to increase mouse sensitivity and Walk Button to instantly reduce movement speed for accurate movement and aiming.

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