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Car Mobile Holder with Dual USB for 5.8-inch Devices

  • $1995


Car Mobile Holder with Dual USB for 5.8-inch Devices is an accessory designed for those mobile users who are always on the move and need to carry their device with them in the car. It is a lightweight yet durable holder that mounts your phone perfectly onto itself at a convenient viewing angle.

This Car Mobile Holder attaches in the lighter socket of the car and comes with Dual USB ports to charge two devices simultaneously. It can hold up to 5.8-inch smartphone and makes sure that your device remains in place. The neck of the holder is adjustable so you can place your phone at your preferred angle. It is a must-have accessory item for people who are also frequent drivers.

DISCLAIMER - Due to variations in stock and regional sourcing we cannot guarantee that all specifications listed are 100% correct at all times as the same model may be available in several variants. If you have any specific requirements please raise them with our team and they will provide availability on the model you require.

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