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Apple AirPort Extreme

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Apple AirPort Extreme is a handy little gadget designed to fulfil your wireless network needs. It is an upgraded and more powerful variant of the AirPort Express and comes with a built-in Dial Band Wi-Fi 802.11n which is 3 times faster than the Airport Express. It is easy to set up with your Apple devices including iPhones, iPads, iPods and Macs. It is a plug and play device for Apple devices and lets you manage network settings and permissions of your network. Once turned on, it connects to your existing network and lets you follow simple instructions to set it up. You can also create new networks and set separate passwords as well.

If you are not an Apple user, you can download the AirPort Utility app for your Windows based devices and set up the device. Instructions are available with the app. The AirPort Extreme also works as a Wi-Fi range extender. Just connect it mid-way between your main network router and the area where you want your Wi-Fi range extended. It is also compatible with AirPlay and wireless printing. Other features include: built-in firewall for security, guest mode, USB port, Ethernet LAN/WAN port, power button, 50 users supported, compatibility with Mac OS 10.2.7 or above and Windows XP (SP3)/Vista (SP2)/ Windows 7 and above.

DISCLAIMER - Due to variations in stock and regional sourcing we cannot guarantee that all specifications listed are 100% correct at all times as the same model may be available in several variants. If you have any specific requirements please raise them with our team and they will provide availability on the model you require.

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