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Xiaomi Mi Band 2

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Xiaomi Mi Band 2 is a successor of Xiaomi Mi Band, bringing significant updates over its predecessor. The Xiaomi Band 2 is an activity wristband that helps to tracks your all day activities. It also alerts you that its time for a warm-up, which will help to improve your blood circulation and to increase your productivity. You can customize the notification interval by yourself and the Mi Band 2 will vibrate informing you about the next short workout or a walk.

It features OLED display and a touch pannel so you can find out the detailed information about the covered distance, time, heart rate, body temperature and many other useful data with just one touch of a finger. It can also be connected with your smartphone so when the smartphone receives an incoming call, a message or a notification the Mi Band 2 will vibrate even if the phone is busy at the moment. Moreover Xiaomi Mi Band 2 is IP67 waterproof and made from comfortable materials which make it environmental friendly and soft so you will not be bothered during intense exercise or other activities.

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